Toontrack has announced the release of a new expansion for the EZmix 2 mixing effect plugin as part of its ongoing Metal Month campaign. The Metal Fundamentals EZmix Pack was designed to bring you a collection of 50 go-to signal chain presets for the most fundamental building blocks in a metal track: drums, guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, mastering and more.

Need a drum bus, a secondary ambience or a quick-fix for your rattling snare? Got you. Good to go with your bass tone but just need a boost in the low end? A mouse-click away. Want a collection of guitar and bass tones, vocal settings or mastering presets tweaked for metal perfection at arm’s reach? It’s there too.

You get the point: if you’re tired of juggling effects, tweaking things to bits and having your creative flow getting lost in the process, this is your new go-to source for relief. Welcome to an EZmix pack of pure metal mix magic.

Also available is the new Metal EZbass MIDI pack, a MIDI expansion for the EZbass virtual bass guitar instrument featuring a collection of highly energetic and riff-driven basslines inspired by metal from the 1970s through to now.

This MIDI pack for EZbass takes off in the formative 1970s and continues on to pass some of the most defining genre mileposts in metal history: doom, power, thrash, progressive, grind and more! It was designed to serve as a foundational source of riff ideas for you to continue to build on using the onboard MIDI editing tools and features in EZbass.

Expect a highly energetic and riff-driven collection of MIDI covering anything from the slow, menacing and heavy to the melodic, technical and downright brutal. If you’re looking to write songs that overarch a variety of styles or simply want to catch up on inspiration, here’s a complete blowout of basslines. Rest assured, these precious metal gems will be gold for your songs.

Available from the Toontrack store and at distributor PluginFox, the EZmix pack and EZbass MIDI pack are priced $39 USD and $29 USD, respectively.