Toontrack has released Singer-Songwriter Grooves, a drum MIDI pack performed by Norman Garschke.

Toontrack Singer Songwriter Grooves

The new MIDI collection for EZdrummer, EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3 features a broad collection of grooves for laid back and vocal-driven pop/rock.

This collection of drum grooves was put together with the demanding singer-songwriter in mind. For anyone looking to write vocal- and melody-driven music where the drums are meant to serve as the backbone of the rhythm section but never get in the way of what matters the most: the song.

Expect a variety of fundamental and mellow grooves for ballads, mid- and uptempo songs for use in any pop, acoustic rock or laid back music fitting the broad definition of what “singer-songwriter” music is today. Think Albert Hammond, James Taylor, Marc Cohn, Boz Scaggs, Elton John, John Mayer and Ricky Lee Jones and you’ll get a perfect sonic image of what these grooves sound like.

Singer-Songwriter Grooves features

  • Drum grooves and fills inspired by the singer-songwriter genre.
  • Performed by professional drummer.
  • Approx. 450 individually played files.
  • 4/4 in straight and/or swing feel.
  • Tempos ranging from 60 BPM to 138 BPM.
  • Song structure categorization (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, fills, etc.).

The Singer-Songwriter Grooves pack is available from Plugin Boutique for 25 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / Singer-Songwriter Grooves