Toontrack MIDI Monster Pack

Toontrack has released the MIDI Monster Pack, a collection of MIDI files for your Toontrack Music sampler.

The pack contains more than 400 MIDI files, individually played by drummer Peter Fredlander.

MIDI Monster Pack features

  • Available as 4/4 straight and 4/4 Swing in various tempos and divided into:
    • Hats intro variations
    • Hats open/closed grooves
    • Cymbal grooves
    • Hats/ride sidestick grooves
    • Tom & Snare grooves
    • Fills
    • Intro Fills
  • Works with EZdrummer® and Superior Drummer®, optimized for standard drumkits: 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms, 1 floortom, 2 crash-cymbals, 1 ride-cymbal (GM).

The MIDI Monster Pack is available for purchase for 19 EUR / $29 USD.

Visit Toontrack for more information and audio demos.