Toontrack has announced the release of its new Jazz & Fusion Guitars EZmix Pack, a collection of 50 guitar tones covering the entire range from traditional jazz to modern fusion.

Toontrack Jazz & Fusion EZmix Pack

The pack includes rhythm, lead and clean tones and is based on amp and cab simulation as well as the complex network of effects in EZmix 2. Patches offer everything from dry to ambient and clean to distorted, with a wide range of effect-saturated tones using chorus, delays, reverbs and more.

John McLaughlin, Stanley Jordan, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, John Scofield, Pat Metheny. The list is long of jazz and fusion guitar players that not only have forever etched their unique sonic footprints in history but also spawned several generations of players venturing off into uncharted sonic landscapes, rejuvenating genres like metal and rock by fusing its signature elements in all-new contexts.

Tosin Abasi, Fredrik Thordendal and John Petrucci are just a few but vivid examples of players that all cite jazz and fusion as prime sources of inspiration for tone, composition and technique. In fact, one could argue that perhaps with the exception of the blues, jazz is the one genre that has had the biggest impact on the evolution of guitar players on a whole. And much like experimentation is at the heart of both jazz and fusion, this collection is designed for just that. Welcome to a foundational tonal palette of 50 unique guitar settings, all inspired by the greats and designed for broad and borderless use in any context that applies.

Expect anything from subtle, round and warm tones for your clean rhythms to open, effect-saturated settings for ambient chord work as well as a broad collection of tones for any facet of lead guitar. And remember: ultimately, expression comes from heart, soul and fingers. If amplified by great tones, it can become legendary.

The Jazz & Fusion Guitars EZmix Pack is on sale for $39 USD/32 EUR until April 1st (regular $49 USD/39 EUR).

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