Loopmasters has published a video on the top 5 most popular Drum and Bass sample packs of September 2018.

Here’s the top 5:

#5 – Liquid Motion by Origin Sound
Origin Sound present ‘Liquid Motion’, crafted by the incredibly talented Dualistic (Liquicity).

This pack provides you with all the tools necessary to craft your own Liquid Drum & Bass track, with a range of rich vocals, glistening melodies, moving chord progressions, rolling bass lines, punchy drums, and much more. The vocals alone in this pack are worth checking it out.

#4 – Breakage Rolling Drum and Bass by Loopmasters (Artist Series 162)
The Breakage pack by Loopmasters is a Drum and Bass odyssey from one of the industry’s most versatile and established producers.

Breakage brings you an ethereal collection of big Breaks and dirty Bass lines, with a Junglist attitude. James Boyle aka Breakage is a producer & DJ with over 15 years of releases under his belt. Having remixed for the biggest names in the business, including Massive Attack, Florence & The Machine, Underworld & more you can expect nothing but the best in sound design!

#3 – Lenzman Deep Soulful Drum and Bass by Loopmasters (Artist Series 157)
Loopmasters presents Lenzman – Deep Soulful Drum and Bass – an impassioned collection of deep and soulful Drum and Bass from a producer of extraordinary talent.

Lenzman walks his own musical path, with soul at the heart of everything he produces. Effortlessly fusing Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul, he has worked seamlessly with a myriad of collaborators and continues to work with talented artists across the globe. With a recently released EP on Metalheadz – entitled the Golden Age, Lenzman has continued to develop his sound and has consistently received critical acclaim. With a strong ear for a sample and a musicality unrivaled in Drum & Bass, Lenzmans production and music always oozes quality, clarity and integrity.

If you like deep, soul, jazz drums and bass, than Lenzman Deep Soulful Drum and Bass is what you need.

#2 – Synkro Ambient Drum & Bass by Loopmasters (Artist Series 169)
Synkro aka Manchester’s Joe McBride creates elaborate, emotive & intellectual soundscapes; drawing on influences across a spectrum of Bass Culture and Electronica sounds.

Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass brings you 1.1GB of lush, crystallised sounds to explore – with over 130 tectonic Bass lines, articulated Drums, ethereal Instruments and stone-washed Percussion Loops. Expect the full texture, depth and harmonics of a Synkro production in each sample, with carefully crafted processing to enhance the sounds even further. You’ll find expansive musical elements to choose from with Synths, Pads, Arpeggios, Synth, Pianos and more to deliver air and beauty to your mix.

If you like drums, bass, texture and character, Synkro Ambient Drum & Bass is where you can find it!

#1 – Commix Drum & Bass Textures by Loopmasters (Artist Series 178)
Commix Drum & Bass Textures is not only number one of the D&B Charts, but it’s currently sitting at the 1 spot for the entire site. And, it’s no mystery as to why… this is a truly stunning Drum and Bass collection of sounds and inside you can expect to find nothing but the best Pacey Drum Loops, Chunky Bass and Intelligent melodies.

It’s easy to hear the shift Commix has made away from samples and manipulation to more hardware based creation with a focus on sound design. If you are looking for vibes, groove and bass, Commix Drum & Bass Textures is the pack for you.

Check out Loopmasters for more drum and bass packs from the likes of Signal, Dj Patife & Vangeliez, Icicle, Urban Dawn, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Rockwell, Fracture, June Miller, Ray Keith, Kasra, and many more.

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