Topten Software has released version 1.2 build 1256 of Cantabile, a simple, easy to use VST host, MIDI recorder and audio recorder.

Topten Software Cantabile

Topten Software Cantabile

Designed primarily for real-time playing of virtual instruments, Cantabile includes a highly optimized audio engine to minimize system load and reduce audio drop outs.

New in v1.2 build 1256

  • New option to set the default MIDI output device
  • New option allows pass-through of unhandled incoming events to a selectable MIDI output port
  • New option allows pass-through of all incoming events to a selectable MIDI output port
  • The default behaviour of routing all output MIDI to all enabled output ports has been removed
  • Minor changes to MIDI routing to maintain consistence when muted or soloed
  • New toolbar button to stop audio engine
  • Fix for incorrect tool tip in Windows Recording Mixer toolbar button
  • Fix for inability to turn-off update checking in some cases
  • Improved update check

Cantabile costs $25 USD and a demo is available for download. The demo only runs for 1 hour before requiring restart, it won’t reload saved session files and only records in 16-bit audio.

You can also try the completely free, unrestricted Cantabile Lite. Check the features page to the differences between Cantabile and Cantabile Lite.

I like to use Cantabile Lite when testing plugins, it’s light and easy to use. (that’s why most screenshots of GUI-less plugins at have the Cantabile GUI).

Visit Topten Software for more information.