Touch Innovations has announced that it has executed a distribution deal with German full-service MI distribution company Sonic Sales to handle availability of its killer Kontrol Master.

The touch technology-driven desktop design that speeds up workflow with enhanced ergonomic control of unlimited DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) virtual faders and knobs (or, indeed, any other creative software) will be being distributed by its new partner in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and (of course) Germany.

Touch Innovations Kontrol Master

Sonic Sales’ first shipment of Kontrol Master units has almost sold out and will be arriving at relevant retailers by mid-July — an exciting prospect for its US creator. “We’re excited to be seen as one of the amazing brands that Sonic Sales believes in, introducing a new product line for distribution throughout mid-Europe,” enthuses Touch Innovations COO Cody Myer, before adding: “Their service and attention to each product is outstanding, so they’re the perfect fit for us.”

For his not inconsiderable part in the proceedings, Sonic Sales Managing Director Matthias Herbst has this to say: “The whole team at Sonic Sales is very much looking forward to raising the Touch Innovations profile in mid-Europe. I know it’s going to be a great journey, and am sure we can repeat the success stories that we’ve already enjoyed with other brands that we’ve helped build from the ground up.”

Ultimately, actions (almost) always speak louder than words… which is exactly what makes Kontrol Master so special, since it provides a revolutionary and unique experience, effectively and effortlessly integrating its user’s second hand into the musical mix using a high-precision, highly-responsive knob to control virtual knobs, faders, and more. Music production workflow works like never before by simply hovering the mouse pointer over the object to be controlled to immediately start using that knob for that tactile feel that us humans know and love.

And with the love being bestowed upon Kontrol Master by both Mathias Herbst and his Sonic Sales teammates, more mid-Europeans than ever before are about to get hands-on experience of what Touch Innovations has long since been making clear: combining Kontrol Master with editing software favourites transforms workflow from standard keyboard and mouse combi control to a fluid and precisely accurate experience. It is the — now no longer missing — link between human and computer that perfectly balances virtual parameter control with creative expression. Music, video, and graphics editors alike will find Kontrol Master to be a powerful intuitive instrument that directly links inspiration to all editing software.

The Kontrol Master will be available in Europe for the MSRP of 359 EUR.

More information: Touch Innovations