Touch Loops has announced the release of its first Ableton Live Instrument Rack. Ethereal Instruments features a 2 GB collection of bows, synths, tuned percussion and more.

Touch Loops Ethereal Instruments

Over the last few months we’ve been multi-sampling bowed guitars, recording up close and personal pianos, sampling our analogue synths and creating FM inspired drones to design a beautiful ambience building machine.

This collection of 12 stunning instruments have been a huge labour of love with numerous recording sessions, trial and error and extensive exploration into the best FX & Macro controls for adding the most flexibility to these already beautiful and exposed sounds.

Each instrument has been designed from the ground up with 6 macros to play with that provide a wealth of options and creativity.

To show the full range of capabilities we’ve created three individual audio demos as well an instrument walk through that goes into more depth showcasing the macros in action.

Ethereal Instruments is available for £18 GBP. Requires Ableton Live 9.7 or higher.

More information: Touch Loops