Toybox has announced the release of the Synth Bundle, a collection of powerful modular monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers in ‘Blocks’ format for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Toybox Synth Bundle FM synth

Combined with over 80 sequencing, synthesis and modulation blocks included, the synths can be patched in limitless combinations using virtual patch cables on the front panel.

Synthesis types include classic multi-wave, FM, waveform drawing, phase modulation, sampling and state of the art analog modelling.

The bundle includes a sophisticated, fully modulatable Piano Roll block with extensive editing functions, 2 automation lanes and performance features.

The Piano Roll Black is a fully featured piano roll with similar editing features to the one you would find in your DAW, but totally modulatable in real time within the modular environment.

Toybox Synth Bundle Piano Roll

The block features 8 pattern locations, launch quantisation and powerful note and automation editing tools as well as a bank of 16 knobs to modulate pitch, timing, key and scale to warp and stretch the notes and a variety of ways in realtime while the sequence is playing.

Notes can be recorded and played back simultaneously at different positions in the sequence, and the RECORD POSITION, PITCH and GATE ports can be used to ‘algorithmically’ enter new note sequences by connecting LFOs or modulations sources to these ports.

The Synth Bundle costs $65 USD. You can get it for $52 USD with discount code CHRISTMAS20 at the checkout for a limited time.

More information: Toybox

Toybox Synth Pack