TP Works has released Drumhound, a powerful 16 stereo channels drumsampler with sounds of almost every popular drumcomputer included.

TP Works Drumhound

Drumhound features

  • Instrument with 16 stereo outputs with the following controls on every channel:
    • Gain [Volume adjust]
    • Release [Release time]
    • Tune [Tune the sound one whole note up or down]
    • Peg Decay
    • Peg Env [Amount, to adjust the time of the downwards pitch envelope]]
    • Velocity on Amplitude
    • Velocity on Filter [Lowpass without resonance]
    • Damp [To eleminate high frequencies]
    • Lo [To eleminate low frequencies]
    • Panning [To pan your sound to the left or to the right for better stereo image]
    • Solo / Mute [When soloed, all other channels are muted, when muted the channelvolume will turn off]
  • 128 drumkits [With 2048 sounds]

Drumhound is available for Windows VST and costs 129 Euro.

Visit TP Works for more information and a link to download a demo of Drumhound.