Tracktion Corporation has announced a revised product lineup for its series of digital audio workstations (DAWs).

There are now four versions of the intuitive, single-screen software, designated T4, T5, T6 and T6+, available for download from the website. The first, T4, originally released in 2013, is completely free of charge. Unlike typical free or low-cost versions of software, this is the full original, award-winning program. All that’s required of the user is that they create an account and provide a valid email address to complete the registration process.

Tracktion T4 features an entirely overhauled audio engine, an improved operating system and support for Mac/PC computers. This free offer is in keeping with Tracktion’s core commitment to support working musicians and recording enthusiasts. Now all the members of the band can have a copy of Tracktion allowing sessions, parts, sounds and ideas to be easily shared.

Tracktion T5 is available free of charge when bundled with certain Behringer and Mackie digital products. T5 adds a number of features to the T4 package and includes MARKETPLACE, an in-app effects and instrument resource that allows users to purchase and install additional electronic assets without leaving the current session. New feature highlights include a CPU Management system, Freeze Point technology, Step Clip sequencing, Edit Clip multi-track clip format allowing the simultaneous opening of multiple edits and an improved user interface.

The latest version of Tracktion’s DAW software, T6, is available at the value price of $60 for new Tracktion users or $30 as an upgrade from T1 through T5. T6 includes the industry-leading pitch correction software, Melodyne Essential as well as the Z-Plane Elastique Pro time stretch plugin. New Tracktion features such as Warp Time audio editing, a comprehensive tagging editor including track tagging as well as dedicated submix and automation tracks are also included.

For the best value in the lineup, Tracktion has bundled its new line of plugins with those from Melodyne and Z-Plane to present T6+. This is available at $100 for new users and $70 as an upgrade. Tracktion’s popular Master Mix multi-band stereo channel strip plugin and Micro Synth Pack virtual instruments complete the bundle. The combined value of this package is well over $300 if all components were purchased separately.

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