Tracktion Corporation has released BioTek, an organic synthesizer plugin for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Introducing a premium quality virtual instrument that combines an advanced synthesis engine with a stunning array of sampled sounds from natural, urban and mechanical environments. Built on the entirely new Acktion™ platform, this “organic synthesizer” sounds like nothing else.

The single-screen user interface, dominated by a powerful XY controller and a number of soft controls that change function based on the particular patch in use, provides the flexibility of a modular synthesizer. BioTek, despite its wide range of sounds and complex control options, remains extremely easy and inspirational to use.

BioTek features

  • 20+ macro controls each controlling lots of parameters at once depending on the sound program
  • 4 operator FM with any sound source like VA waveforms or samples
  • 2 filters with all common filter types
  • Multi-stage LFOs (Wobble LFOs)
  • 32-stage envelopes with loops
  • Powerful modulation matrix
  • Modulatable 4-band equalizers per voice
  • 4 insert effects per sound layer with high quality effect algorithms
  • Powerful arpeggiator

BioTek for Windows, Mac & Linux (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $150 USD.

More information: Tracktion Corporation / BioTek