Plugin Boutique has announced a flash sale on the Tracktion RetroMod series of synthesizer instruments, offering a 50% discount for the next few days only.

The offer includes 7 plugins that aim to capture the soul of classic hardware synthesizers and add a contemporary twist.

Each instrument is sampled meticulously and in great detail in order to guarantee the greatest realism. The samples are then combined in creative and unusual ways to offer more than just faithful recreations. Take the soul of these iconic synthesizers and push them in new directions, creating sounds simply unachievable from the source hardware.

The UI design includes an XY pad assigned to parameters like FM, ring mod, distortion and filter frequency allowing for real time expressive manipulation. Also included is a suite of creative FX such as pristine reverbs, chorus and growling distortion to enhance your sound design. With huge sample libraries and preset banks, the RetroMod series allow you to add an arsenal of sound sources to your virtual studio.

LoFreq-W, LoFreq-C, LoFreq-M, Digital 1, Lead, and Fat are on sale for $39 USD each instead of $79 USD, while the 106 is onlh $24 USD during the promotion (regular $49 USD).

The offer is valid until December 19th, 2021.

More information: Tracktion