TubeOhm Alpha-Ray

Trance Techno Soundbanks has announced the release of its Alpha Ray monsterpack, a collection of 256 presets for the Alpha-Ray by TubeOhm.

256 hi-quality presets + demos kits including flp files for fl studio and construction kits for other daws

Alpha Ray monsterpack

  • Acid -2 presets solo and arp ones.
  • Arp’s – 30 presets on the one hand typical arped and on the other single mid range lighter than acid sounds. Some can be simmilar to fx.
  • Bass – 12 presets various types typical for different types of genres: offbeat 4/4 trance , mid hi movers trance, more darky house, hard trance strong ones,darker more techno, pad bass etc.
  • Fx – 90 presets this section contains single shots, intro stabs, arp fx.
  • Gate – 15 presets can be used like in lot of ways: lead for trance, fill for other styles, and even fx sound.
  • Lead – 69 large variety of any kind of lead.
  • Pad – 18 large variety of any kind of pad.
  • Organ and Synths – 2 presets.
  • Plucks – 16 large variety of any kind of lead.

The soundset costs 13 EUR.

More information: Trance Techno Soundbanks / Alpha Ray monsterpack