Tall Dog Electronics has launched a Kickstarter project for a user-installed kit that allows you to turn your Korg keyboard synthesizer into a slim desktop synth with a sleek black anodized aluminum enclosure.

We include all the parts and tools necessary to perform this conversion yourself. The process is also fully reversible, so you can return the unit to its original keyboard enclosure if needed. Our enclosure reduces the footprint of your synth to roughly half its original height and depth by deleting the short keyboard and replacing the plastic case with a machined aluminum body.

The Korg wavestate, opsix, and modwave share a similar form factor which means our kit supports all three models out of the box. There’s no need to specify your particular model when ordering. Installation takes less than half an hour and requires no soldering.

With an estimated delivery in September 2023, backers can get the conversion kit starting from $164 USD.

More information: Kickstarter