It has been about a week since the Transportation contest closed, and now it is time to announce the winners.

So, this was really hard again… I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all 37 entries and it took quite a few listens to get to a decent shortlist.

It is great to see how the samples were used in different ways, yet it makes it almost impossible to choose winners. Some of the entries really appealed to me musically, but I also took into account production quality, composition, and use of the samples and theme.

The top 7 winning entries are:

  1. Seb Konstantine – In Praise Of The Pioneer Zephyr
  2. Renoizer – Space elevator
  3. Brijawi – En Route
  4. Digital LoFi – 5 a.m. Departure
  5. Ilski – Exodus Of Our Minds
  6. Crystal Craft – Ashes Of Darkness
  7. Extinction Plan – Caribbean Voyage

Congratulations! I will be contacting each one of you shortly to get you the prize of your choice. The last three prizes will go to the entries picked by Cosmik Voyager, I’m 13^2, and Saukar.

Thanks to all participants for joining the contest, I hope to see you again next time. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to not miss it.