Audio Plugin Deals has introduced a new Kontakt instrument library from Kirk Hunter Studios.

Traveling Pianos features two pianos: Kirk Hunter’s own Yamaha G5 for a clear, pristine, yet powerful sound and Michael Lehmann-Boddicker’s Yamaha C7 engineered by Michael himself, and played by Kirk. It also features added tines, string and saloon (honky tonk) layers.

The quality of that C7 piano evokes the feeling of “traveling” though time; successfully covering many different musical styles. And since so many different artists have put “hands to keys” on it, it’s like it has “traveled” to and from these special performers. And now, as the “Traveling Pianos” sample library, it can quite literally “travel” to YOU.

Traveling Pianos features

  • Numerous presets that will enable you to “travel” in both time and style with a single click.
  • Numerous multis combining both pianos which create “fat” and sophisticated sound pallets.
  • Three mic positions for both pianos.
  • Includes true samples for both sustain pedal up and down.
  • Sustain and Una Corda pedal features with controllable “body” sounds.
  • Mixable Strings layer that add gorgeous texture and “padding”.
  • Mixable “Saloon” layer that provides an “old timey”, “honky tonk” feel.
  • Velocity-controlled, and mixable “Tines” feature that add a metallic attack at the beginning of each note.
  • Room size and amount – Our room, which is both convolution AND reverb based, has been specially-designed to provide a truly “concert hall” sound.
  • Available room ambience and/or audience sounds can be added to provide a very realistic setting.
  • And everything loads in seconds.

The Kontakt library is on sale for an intro price of $99.99 USD until March 10th, 2021 (regular $199.99 USD).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals