Triple-D Sampling D3 Percussion

Triple-D Sampling has released D3 Percussion, a customized epic library that has been engineered to provide a massive sound.

Containing single instruments and customized ensembles, D3P is an easy to use library that will provide the extra percussive power necessary for music on a grand scale.

D3 Percussion features

  • 1,550 Samples, 24 bit / 44.1 KHz.
  • 6-10 way Round Robin.
  • Programmed for the Kontakt engine: 31 Kontakt Patches, 4 Multi Patches.
  • Instruments: Tom Ensemble, Custom Conga Ensemble (Custom 1, 2, and 3, High Conga w/ Stick), Muted Tom, Medium Bass Drum, Muted Medium Bass Drum, Large Bass Drum, Kick-drum, Snare Drum (Sticks, Brushes, Snares off w/ Mallet), Obstacles Ensemble, Bucket Ensemble, Table Hits, Water Cooler Ensemble, Paper Percussion, Sharp Cracks (Custom 1, Bamboo Stick Ensemble), Big Hits, Reversed Hits, Gong (Sustains, Scrapes, Muted w/ Mallet, Muted w/ Hand, Muted w/ Flyswatter), Tuphonidrum (Tuba + Euphonium), Anvil, Power-Chord Chugs, Scrape, Scratch & Squeal, Crush Kit, 4 Ambiences from IP source material.
  • 1.69 Gb on disk, 1.21 Gb .zip download.

D3 Percussion is available to purchase for Kontakt 4 (full version required) for the introductory price of $85 USD until July 5 (regular price $99 USD).

Visit Triple-D Sampling for more information.