Triple Spiral Audio has announced Empty Fields – F.3 for Falcon, a new sound library for the Falcon virtual instrument by UVI.

Similar to the recent F.2 for Omnisphere 2 will be a series of 10 releases of 50 new patches each, crafted from new recorded material and using the synthesis from Falcon.

You pay a one time price of €75,00 and you will receive automatically each new release. If you are joining in later you will get all the previous released packs. With this setup I will offer a 90 days, not good/money back option. There will only be an introduction offer upon release, but no sales after that for this product. The introduction price will be €62.50 till the 8th of April.

With this ongoing project for both Falcon and Omnisphere 2 I want to capture the ever changing beauty of these Empty Fields and let myself inspire to create and record on a monthly base new material. The second pack is scheduled to be released in the first week of May.

The first release of Empty Fields – F.3 includes 60 patches, comprising arps and sequences, basses, leads, keys, pads and soundscapes. The soundset offers sounds that categorize as ambient, mysterious, light and nostalgic.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio