Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of Robofriends, a Kontakt 5 instrument library by newly joined sound design label Denovaire.

Denovaire is an Austrian composer, sound designer, producer, experimentalist and performer with a specialization in the beautiful Indian Esraj instrument.

Out of the dephts of planet earth’s junkyards come the ROBOFRIENDS. Used, destroyed, worn out, rusty, itchy and scratchy, they tell stories of a retro-futuristic age, when steam-powered rockets landed on Mars.

ROBOFRIENDS is a compilation of robotic synthesizer sounds. It can be used for film post production, game audio or music production suiting special needs. Creating Glitch tracks, pimping up a Hiphop track or finding the right ambiences for game or movie can be done creatively and quick. Not to speak of experimental live sets built of robots!

From deep, aggressive and angry robots to playful funny characters: everyone is a ROBOFRIEND.

Robofriends for Kontakt 5 is available at the intro price of 18 EUR (VAT included).

Triple Spiral Audio has also announced that its fundraising for the Red Cross has already passed 10,000 EUR, and the current Sale has been extended until May 15th.

Furthermore, a new Kontakt freebie from Sonora Cinematic is available.

Magnetica was created to instantly provide media composers with ready-to-use lush and evocative cinematic soundscapes. The main sound source is a Fender Stratocaster played with an eBow, click on “TEXTURE” to activate the texture layer and add sparkle to the sound.

Magnetica requires the full version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or higher.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio