Triple Spiral Audio has announced the addition of a new label to its online store. Stingray Instruments is a sound design label from the UK with a focus on cinematic, trailer and horror sounds.

Asylum for Kontakt is a horror library for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher that brings you an amazing range of horror sounds.

We wanted to not just do more of the same, but create some truly unique and inspiring sounds that you won’t find anywhere else. Where else can you find the door under my house creaking horribly or my dog being rather angry at the postman? If we could sample it, we did and we have ended up with a really nasty, disgusting and horrid library which in parts will make your skin crawl.

There is more than enough here to create your own spooky atmospheric scores or why not combine with other libraries and mix and match. Also, for bloggers, podcast people and youtubers, the WAV version has enough horrific sounds to keep your content suitably nasty over the holiday season.

Asylum comes as a Kontakt instrument and the sounds are also included as WAV files. It is on sale at a 60% intro discount, priced 27 EUR until November 8th, 2020 (regular 67 EUR incl. VAT).

Rengoku for Omnisphere 2 delivers a collection of 70 presets for Spectrasonics’ flagship virtual instrument.

In our first sound set for Omnisphere, we wanted to explore ideas of opposite and in-between.

Rengoku translates to “purgatory” in Japanese which ideally represents a small cinematic collection of angelic, demonic and timbres of an uncertain nature. This volume focuses more on angelic feelings with lush pads, bright keys and exquisite guitar sounds.

The mod wheel is designed to change the feeling or atmosphere or gently add elements such as fire and wind.

Rengoku is on sale for 7 EUR during the introductory promotion (regular 8 EUR).

More information: Triple Spiral Audio