Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of a new soundset for the Zebra 2 software synthesizer by u-he.

The sounds of Aporia have been designed with the concept of motion.

Beside ARP’s, Bass + Drum Loops and Sequences, you will find that each preset has some kind of movement. This makes the Aporia soundset perfect to be the foundation of your new work or to enchance your ideas with some extra movement.
The sounds are designed to not be too complex in sound so that they can blend easily in any style with other sounds and instruments.

Aporia contains 100 presets for Zebra 2 and there is also a Dark Zebra version which expands the amount of presets to 200. The Dark Zebra version gives a more analog, warm and darker character to the original presets.

Aporia for Zebra 2 is on sale at an introductory price of 16.95 EUR (regular 19.95 EUR), while Aporia for Zebra 2 + Dark Zebra is 22.95 EUR during the promotion (regular 27.95 EUR). Prices including VAT.

The offer is valid at the Triple Spiral Audio store until October 18th, 2021.