Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of packs 6 and 7 for the for Empty Fields – F.2 sound library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.

Triple Spiral Audio Empty Field F2 Omnisphere update

Each pack contains 50 presets and 10 multis and for these both packs new soundsources have been made from recordings of a Fiddle, a Lyra and a Viola da Gamba. All the recordings went through a lot of effects to create some nice evolving textures as soundsources.

The inspiration has been found from a beautiful indian summer and the transition to the autumn. There are some colourful pads, mysterious textures, eerie soundscapes, fun and light synth patches and even a few Halloween patches.

Empty Fields F.2 is available for purchase for 75 EUR. The new packs are now available to customers of the collection.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio