Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of Pagan I and II, two soundsets for the Zebra 2 and Dark Zebra synthesizer instruments by u-he.

Triple Spiral Audio Pagan I & II

Pagan I and II are the first installments in a series of new soundsets with a mystique, dark and ominous setting for Zebra 2, Omnisphere 2, Serum and Iris 2.

Pagan I features 100 patches for the Zebra 2 wireless modular synthesizer instrument. Every patch has modwheel control, and the 4 XY pads control the delay/reverb, envelope, tone and detune/vibrato. Many patches also have pitch bend assigned to extra parameters, as well to add more flavor and depth to the sounds.

Pagan II also offers 100 patches, this time for the Dark Zebra synthesizer. The sounds are different from the Pagan I set, with the exception of a few perc patches which share the same setup. This soundset also features modwheel control, XY pad assignments and pitch bend for most patches.

Both soundsets offer arps, bass loops, basses, distorted, fx, keys, percussion, pads, soundscapes and sequences.

Pagan I and II are available for 19.95 EUR each, with an intro price of 14.95 EUR each until November 26th. A bundle of both is on sale for 27.95 EUR (regular 34.95 EUR).

More information: Triple Spiral Audio