Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of a new sound library for the Omnisphere 2 virtual instrument by Spectrasonics.

Singularity is an electronic and ambient collection featuring 128 presets and 25 multis, created from 100 sound sources, including some from Spectrasonics.

Triple Spiral Audio Singularity for Omnisphere 2

Singularity contains a large variety of electronic, ambient and also some experimental sounds. Growling basses, a large variety of ARP’s, twisted synths and experimental noisescapes, shimmering pads and textures.

Inspired by Jon Hopkins, there is also collection of choir sounds, varying from experimental choirs till transforming sounds where a guitar, synth or piano transforms into a choir (via modwheel).

The soundset found its inspiration in the works of Jon Hopkins, Helios, Nils Frahm, Plaid and Telefon Tel Aviv.

The soundset is available at the introductory price of 22.95 EUR until November 1st, 2020 (MSRP 29.95 EUR incl. VAT).

More information: Triple Spiral Audio