Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of the Sound Aid 2020 bundle, a collection of 4 sound libraries for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 and u-he Zebra2/ZebraHZ at a discounted price.

To support those that have been hit the hardest, I am doing a fundraising for the food shelter organisations Feeding America and The European Food Banks Federation. For this I have created a charity bundle where 50% of the proceeds go to these organisations.

The Sound Aid 2020 bundle with 50% discount contains the following products: Black and White DZ for Zebra 2/Dark Zebra, Empty Fields F.1 for Zebra 2, Traveller for Omnisphere 2 and Cloud Atlas for Omnisphere 2

On sale for 87.46 EUR, the Sound Aid Bundle will be available for the whole of November. In December a new version of this bundle with different products will be launched.

You can also purchase the individual products included in Sound Aid 2020 at 50% off by using coupon code SoundAid2020 at the checkout.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio