Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of the third volume of the Empty Fields – F.3 soundset for the Falcon hybrid synth by UVI.

The pack includes 50 new patches and 7 multis.

Triple Spiral Audio Empty Fields F3 for Falcon

The beauty of working with a same idea, but with 2 different synths (the other one being the Empty Fields for Omnisphere) is that you can create completely different feelings and atmospheres and completely recreate the spirit that I want to capture. The past month has been a beautiful summer period with a spring filled with long hot days, mystique early mornings and beautifully quiet evenings and nights.

In the third pack for this soundset I tried to recreate all the warmth and movement that I came across while with the Ominsphere pack I am recreating the more mystique atmosphere (the fourth pack for this one will be released in a few days).

The complete Empty Fields – F.3 collection (including future releases) is available for 75 EUR. Individual packs are also sold separately for 8.99 EUR each.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio