Tristan Williams BRB PixelPops

Tristan Williams has released BRB PixelPops, a freeware keyboard controlled random tone monosynth.

Tristan writes:

It has many features which can only be accessed using notes and velocity. It is suitable for computer glitches, percussive pops and experimental performances.

BRB PixelPops features

  • 2 oscillators (X and Y) which are multiplied (to form Z).
  • Each new note-on results in a random pitch and random waveform for X and Y, random pan and volume for X, Y and Z.
  • Retrigger and portamento are controlled by velocity.
  • When played without retrigger PixelPops behaves almost like a ‘normal’ monosynth.

BRB PixelPops is available for Windows PC.

Visit Tristan Williams for more information.