TRN reDelay

TRN has released version 0.95 of reDelay, a free VST plug-in that can be described as a tool more than anything else.

reDelay allows you to delay the audio by sample presicion, report audio sample delay to host, and have slave plug-ins that can be remoted by a Master plug-in. This can be useful if you have some kind of trouble with audiodelay (hardware synth, no PDC support in host, recording issues, plugin dont report delay… etc).

reDelay features

  • Sample Delay – Number of sampletick the audio is delayed
  • Sample Report – Reported audio sampletick delay to VST host
  • Sample Delay Enable – Enable/Disable plugin sample delay
  • Sample Report Enable – Enable/Disable plugin sample report to host
  • Linked – Delay & Report linked. If either one is adjusted, the other will follow
  • Mode (GUI select only) – Choose between Single, Master(1-4) or Slave(1-4) modus
    • In Single mode, the plugin acts just like expected
    • Master(#) means you control all Slaves(#) with this Master. All slaves with the same number are now grey, and follows it’s Master. You can have only 1 Master for all the slaves with the same number
    • Slave(#) are all controlled by it’s Master, and cannot change parameter settings unless it’s done by the Master, or the Mode is changed. You can have unlimited slaves connected to a Master

Visit TRN for more information.