Tronsonic Logandy

Tronsonic has released Logandy, a sample library featuring the sounds of a 1977 Italian string synth.

Logandy features

  • 6 sample banks from this superb 70s string synth ‘mellotronized’ onto tape, having been recorded to a 1965 valve reel to reel using aged/worn tape.
  • Use the software synthesis capabilities of ESX24 or KONTAKT to create exciting new sounds, previously unavailable from this keyboard.
  • Over 60 preset patches and 10 multis for kontakt 4.2.2, and 80 patches for esx24.

Logandy is available to purchase for £5.99 GBP.

Tronsonic has also released SOURCEMOD1 & 2, a free sound library.

Some experiments with a moog source and doepfer dark energy

More information: Tronsonic / Logandy