Tru-Urban Chordz & Melodies Trap RnB

Tru-Urban has announced the release of Chordz & Melodies “Trap-R-N-B” Edition, a sample pack featuring Trap/R&B styled chord progressions and assisting melodies.

Chordz & Melodies “Trap-R-N-B” edition is a collection of R&B chord progressions and melodies inspired by the popular merge between “trap music” and R&B.

If you are looking to add lush, edgy chords in the style of today’s “Trap” influenced R&B music, Chordz & Melodies “Trap-R-N-B” edition contains over 150 Audio/MIDI files for instant inspiration and quick song construction.Going Even Further, this pack includes multiple assisting melodies for each chord progression.

The sound pack is available for purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Tru-Urban / Chordz & Melodies “Trap-R-N-B” Edition