Tsaiko (pronounced s ī k ō) is a multi-sampled taiko percussion library for Kontakt 2 (v2.1.1.001 or newer).

Tsaiko features

  • Thousands of taiko samples
    • Left and right-hand hits
    • Dozens and dozens of velocities
    • Individual and unison ensemble hits from four taiko
    • Head hits, shell hits, and stick clicks
    • Recorded in 24-bit, 44KHz, mono
  • Microphone Perspective Control
    • Recorded in a concert hall from various locations
    • Balcony, in-hall, stage, and a close “three-set” microphone perspectives
    • Each taiko was recorded from three-set close perspective to capture subtle nuances
    • Top head, bottom head, and overhead microphone position
  • Customizability
    • User has access to all wave files/samples
    • User can add or remove any microphone perspective they wish
    • Includes almost fifty patches

Tsaiko is available as a digital download for an introductory price of $49 USD.

Visit Tsaiko for more information.