TSE Plugins TSE X30

TSE Plugins has released TSE X30, a free high-gain guitar amplifier effect plug-in for Windows.

TSE X30 features

  • 4X (internal) oversampling.
  • 2 channels crunch/lead.
  • 4 band EQ/Tonestack.
  • DSP/Programming by onQel, GUI made by DaWolf.
  • Includes “Standard” version + SSE2 version for newer CPU’s.

TSE X30 is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Note: TSE X30 is a preamp only, you will need to use a cab simulator after the plugin (e.g. ReCabinet or LePou LeCab).

More information: TSE Plugins / TSE X30