Tsunami Track Sounds has released a new sample pack from killeRRythm, one of the winners of Loopcloud JAPAN’s exclusive Remix event.

Pop & Chill Reggae features Japanese pop melodies and chord progressions with modern Chill/Reggae beats.

This package aims to create a warm sound like Rickie-G’s and a unique reggae sound like Matisyahu’s. Live instruments such as vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded with AKG microphones and Focusrite microphone preamps. The electric guitar was recorded with Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II.

Guitar, Bass, Piano, and vocals are all “live” recorded and keeping the sound thick. Need a new inspiration or a spice on your Chill/Reggae track? Lyrics for the vocals are all “Reggae-ish” words commonly used in the Japanese reggae scene, feel free to create your own unique vocals with these “Japan-Reggae”.

Also available is the fully live recorded guitar/bass package Thrash Hard Core by Takahiro Hashimoto (Hasshin).

The package comes with various guitar/bass riffs for all of you metalheads. Also included are drum patterns that you can play with to create your own heavy metal riffs. Every guitar phrase includes right and left channels for you to thicken the stereo image with. In addition, clean sounds are included for you to add your own effects and mix how you wish.

Lastly, Glitch IDM brings a collection of unique sounds by field recording specialist MIFFRINO.

MIFFRINO often travels all over Japan recording any interesting sounds he can catch. Environmental sounds and sampled noises from everyday life are interspersed throughout the music.

Using TASCAM recorders, he collects borderless sound interest from trees, water, animals, factories, and the sounds of the city. With those sounds imported into Ableton Live, he builds up a beat before resampling to a new track. He also uses synthesisers such as Moog MATRIARCH and KORG Minilogue. MIFFRINO drops the field recordings into a sampler in Ableton Live to create a new sound on his synthesiser.

Available at Loopmasters, Pop & Chill Reggae and Thrash Hard Core are priced £28.95 GBP each, while Glitch IDM is £14.95 GBP.

More information: Tsunami Track Sounds