TubeOhm has released 106-Emulation, a virtual synthesizer instrument that brings back the sounds from the 80’s.

106-Emulation is a close emulation of the classic Juno 106 synthesizer from Roland.

TubeOhm 106 Emulation
TubeOhm 106 Emulation group b

first – 106-Emu emulates the Sound of the well known hardware.

second – the 106-Emu can be use as a controller for the hardware . This with a complete set of MIDI SYSEX. Now it is possible to prog sounds in the 106-Emulation and send it to the Hardware. Or you can load patches into the software and the patch is transmitted direct to the hardware. And – you can use the Arp for the hardware.

third – i have build some new features into it -ON/OFF switchable. This are the EXTENTIONS. If you switch the extentions on , you get an additional VCA, OSC sync, Delay, ARP, Voice doubler, a second LFO. But if you want to have only the emulation – switch the EXTENTIONS off.

106-Emulation is available for purchase for 44.95 EUR (Windows 32-bit VST).

More information: TubeOhm