TubeOhm Anti-Transpirant 8000

TubeOhm has announced the release of Anti-Transpirant 8000, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

After the VINTAGE prog stress we build a ,back to the roots‘ synth. Powerfull VA sounds with 8 x OVERSAMPLING – thats new !! It looks, feels and sound‘s like the old hardware synths. And A-T had it‘s own character.

Anti-Transpirant 8000 features

  • Audio frequency filter FM.
  • Audio frequency PWM modulation.
  • Multimode filter 12/24 dB /envelope /VCA/VCF.
  • Delay effect.
  • Multi trigger ADSR with LFO.
  • 6 voices max.
  • A-T 8000 with 2 GUI‘s.
  • Includes 3 Instruments , A-T 8000 with 8x oversampling, A-T 4000 with 4x oversampling, and A-T 6 without oversampling.

Anti-Transpirant 8000 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 29 EUR. A monophonic version with 8x oversampling is free for all registered TubeOhm users, available on request.

More information: TubeOhm