TubeOhm has released T-Xciter and N-Gate, two effect plug-ins for Windows.

TubeOhm T-Xciter and N-Gate

TubeOhm T-Xciter and N-Gate

T-Xciter / N-Gate features

T-Xciter enhances your sound with harmonic processors.

  • Two harmonic generators, deep and high frequencies.
  • Frq, add harmonics, mix.
  • High frequency enhancement with the high frequency boost (use B switch).
  • Stereo – master effect.

N-Gate is a noise gate featuring separate gate on and gate off threshold parameters for better control when the release phase has some spikes.

  • Two thresholds: gate on/gate off.
  • Attack / Hold / Release adjustment.
  • Enhanced VCA / VCF ADSR.

T-Xciter and N-Gate for Windows PC (VST) are available to purchase in a bundle, priced at 24 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm