TubeOhm VOX Populus

TubeOhm has released VOX Populus, a vocoder plug-in for Windows PC.

VOX Populus contains a VST insert effect and a VST instrument.

  1. With the insert effect external audio signals/tracks can route into the vocoder.
  2. With the instrument you can use samples and generate new synthesizer sounds using the frequency spectrum from the samples.

VOX Populus features

  • Filterbank with 17 filters, 12/24/dB and manual mode.
  • Pitch shift +/-1 oct.
  • Voice/unvoice detector.
  • Master filter attack for all 17 filters.
  • Filter release – can be switched for all or for a single filter.
  • Analysis sampler, using *.wav 16/24 bit.
  • Synthesis sampler, using *.wav 16/24 bit, synthesis synthesizer 6 voices polyphony, can produce super saw/ squ/tri signals.
  • 2 over-tone modules, add more overtone-frequencies to the synthesis signal.
  • Input matrix – select the input routing.
  • Fine-tune matrix – tune each filter 30% up or down.
  • Filter matrix – route analysis filter to different synthesis filter.
  • Live matrix – XY matrix automate filter release, filter pitch and synth/sampler pitch.
  • Dynamic mute original to vocoder signal.
  • Stereo chorus 2/4 stages, Stereo reverb, Stereo delay, sync to host.

VOX Populus is available for Windows (VST) for 129 EUR. Price for registered Fluid 1.5 users is 89 EUR. A demo version is available for download from the product page.

Visit TubeOhm for more information and audio demos.