Mercuriall Audio Software has released Tubes Creamer 808 Core, a free tube screamer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Mercuriall Tubes Creamer 808 Core

TUBES CREAMER 808 Core is an Free audio plugin based on a Ibanez® TS-808® guitar pedal.

Tubes Creamer 808 Core features

  • Modeling circuit based on a Ibanez® TS-808®.
  • Mod switch: “808” for a default sound of the Ibanez® TS-808® and “Mod” for getting a cleaner sound with slightly more bass when “Drive” is at the minimum.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Stereo and Mono modes.
  • Low (no oversampling) and High (4x oversampling) Quality switch.

Tubes Creamer 808 Core is available for download (VST/AU/AAX). In celebration of the release, Tube Amp Ultra 530 is on sale for $39.99 USD until June 17th, 2016.

More information: Mercuriall / Tubes Creamer 808 Core