DJ Swivel has announced the release of a new note-based resonance enhancer effect plugin. Knocktonal lets users to boost or cut resonances as well as their corresponding overtones, allowing you to tune your drums without the need for destructive re-pitching.

Equipped with both Resonance and Subtractive EQ’s, Knocktonal offers complete control over your root notes as well harmonic overtones with up to 30 bands of resonance. It can be used both statically, or dynamically with separate MIDI input channels for both your additive and subtractive EQ’s.

Knocktonal also has a built-in limiter so you can push your signal as loud as you want for a smooth clean sound.

Whether you want to turn your kicks into punchy 808’s, create percussive lead instruments, or simply glue your drums to the key of the song, Knocktonal offers surgical precision over the sound of your drums in the most musical way possible.
When turned on, this will limit the volume of the signal to prevent unwanted distortion caused by larger resonance boosts of the signal.

Knocktonal is available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac. It is on sale at a 50% introductory discount at Plugin Boutique, priced $34.50 USD until January 9th, 2022.

You can also purchase it at ADSR Sounds and get the Spread stereo imaging plugin as a free bonus for a limited time ($39 USD value).