Goodhertz has released a new tube and tape effect plugin titled Tupe, featuring extensive filtering, dynamics, and saturation controls.

From gentle harmonic enhancement to completely fuzzed-out distortion and saturation, Tupe was designed to reproduce some of our all-time favorite tape machines and tube circuits together.

Combined with Tupe’s super expressive filter, an innovative emphasis section, and its Opto-style limiter/compressor, there’s an infinite range of analog color and vibe waiting to be discovered in just a few clicks.

Tupe features

  • 9 tube circuit models: 5751 Lo, 5751 Med, 5751 Hi, 6L6 Lo, 6L6 Med, 6L6 Hi, EL34 Lo, EL34 Hi, 12AX7 (more to come in future releases).
  • 4 analog tape models: 2 Track Hi, 2 Track Lo, C90 Hi, C90 Lo (more to come in future releases).
  • Opto compressor/limiter, Configurable processing order, Optional SAT mode for compressing only the pre-saturation signal (very useful for highly dynamic material if you want a consistent level of saturation without obvious clipping or distortion).
  • Bias controls for both tube and tape for greater harmonic control.
  • 1960’s-style ladder filter with fully independent slope (both boost & cut) & resonance (both boost & cut).
  • Self-oscillating resonant filter modeling.
  • Tilt equalizer.
  • Level-compensated input drive.
  • HQ Mode for even more analog-like sound.
  • Analog-style master mix / global amount control.
  • Novel emphasis section that applies Tupe’s ladder filter to the ‘pre-saturation’ signal (before tube/tape), allowing you to emphasize the saturation in certain areas while relaxing it in others, letting them pass through Tupe unsaturated.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Tupe is priced $129 USD.

Goodhertz has also released updates for its entire line of plugins. Version 3.6.1 includes several enhancements and bug fixes, and is a free update for Goodhertz customers.

More information: Goodhertz