Turn2on has launched SubColours Octave Diver, a sub octave generator Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

Turn2on Subcolours Octave Divider

But its not just sub-octave genertor, not pitch-down shifter. Like an classical divider pedal, the tone is warm, fat, and a bit synth-like, as opposed to the crisper, more acoustically accurate transpositions of modern pitch-shift pedals.

This effect unit contain main function section of Octave Diver (emulate Mu-Tron™ Octave Divider pedal), control of input and output levels, Destruct section, classical ringer effect, compressor with limiter to control your signal clipping, built-in LFO and also – widening function. Its pretty good hybrid effect for various situations. Bigger aspect to run SubColours – add or generate to any sound new sub-octave with gain signal, compression, limiting and widening.

Use this fx with guitars for warm sub backgrounds, with any samples for punch and sub-modulation, with synths to give subtle sounds fatty weight, with drums to expand the foundation of the basic source.

SubColours Octave Diver is on sale for the launch price of 19 EUR until March 12th. Regular price 35 EUR.

More information: Turn2on