Avalux has released the Twisted Electro Kit 02 sample pack, a collection of over 150 samples including kicks, snares, hihats, percussions and fx.

Avalux Twisted Electro Kit 02

Long time ago I was asked to do pack of loops for zenhiser company not headphone company, so this never make it, so something up from the vault that can help to my fellow producers, all sounds are made from scratch using hardware & software no modified samples and so on as people claim that are their samples are unique…

this sample pack is unique, used alot in my production, revisited lately and still sounding good, all wavs are 44/16 stereo and compatible with all software and hardware that can read/write 44/16 stereo file.

The sample pack is available for download at Avalux’s Bandcamp for 5 EUR. Note that the PDF download is actually a zip file, so make sure to rename it.

More information: Avalux