Two Notes Torpedo PI-101

Two Notes Audio Engineering has updated its Torpedo PI-101 effect plugin and Torpedo Remote software for Windows and Mac.

The PI-101 comes in 4 versions: Vintage, Bass, Modern, and Wall of Sound Choose your style! Vintage includes a nice collection of both vintage and reissue cabs with a sound reminiscent of the 60/70′s, Modern will seduce all amateurs of modern guitar sounds while Bass is specially dedicated to bass layers. The WoS version includes the whole Two Notes cab collection.

Changes in Torpedo PI-101 v2.0.24

  • Complete display of Presets and User-Impulses folders in tree view.
  • Management of missing impulse files.
  • Fixed: CPU peaks when moving the microphone.
  • Fixed: preset compatibility between Torpedo Live, C.A.B., and PI-101 products.
  • Fixed: reading Aiff files.
  • Improved: typing in values for potentiometers.
  • Fixed: audio click in certain preset-change cases.
  • Fixed: sampling rate conversion on .wav-based .tur files.
  • Volume and Pan update when a channel is deleted.
  • Fixed: some minor graphical bugs.

Changes in Torpedo Remote v2.1.8

  • Added: a rename feature in “Managers” during file transfer.
  • Fixed: a bug in resampling wav files.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Two Notes has also announced the release of a collection of 12 new speaker cabinets.

Two Notes speaker cabs

We told you we would do it, and we just did! To celebrate our first 1000 Facebook fans, we are releasing for free no less than 12 new, exceptional speaker cabinets!

Discover RackHero, Can Abyss, Monarch, R2D2 and the others, and enjoy the sounds of some of the greatest classics in the history of electric guitar and bass.

To download them, update your Torpedo Remote or PI-101 WOS with an active Internet connection.

More information: Two Notes Audio Engineering