Typhonic Samples has announced a new sample pack featuring a collection of 100 drum samples. The sounds of Lo-Fi Hip Hop Vol. 1 – Vinyl Drums have been recorded from vinyl to give them that real lo-fi vibe.

For a minimum of 1 dollar you get: 26 kicks, 27 snares, 22 percussions, 21 closed and 4 open hi-hats. All processed in a way to give you that authentic vinyl vibe. So if you want to create some chilled out Lo-Fi tracks, this pack may just be the thing you need!

All drum samples in this demo track are from Lo-Fi Hip Hop vol. 1. The sound samples are from Lo-Fi Hip Hop Vol. 2 (which will be released in the near future).

Vinyl Drums is available as a “Pay What You Want” download. The first three people who leave a comment below get the pack for FREE!

More information: Typhonic Samples