Typhonic Samples has released a new pay-what-you-want sample pack titled Vicious Synth Shots, a collection of 100 key-labeled synth one-shots.

These synth shots are perfect for producing some epic dark warehouse techno tracks. But don’t limit yourself; the harder EDM and house music productions will also benefit from these samples. These one-shots are created with a wide variety of synthesizers and effects; giving you a ruthless sample pack!

Just as every sample and preset pack they offer, you can set your price, starting from 1 dollar!

All synthesizers you hear in the demotrack are included in their Vicious Synth Shots pack.

You can download the pack at any price you like, with a minimum of $1 USD.

Typhonic Samples is giving some copies of this new pack away. The first three people to leave a comment below will get a free download.

More information: Typhonic Samples