u-he has launched a product page for its Bazille, a modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he Bazille

Bazille is a modular FM and Phase Distortion Synthesizer. It’s modular engine allows for patching of any signal output into any signal input, regardless of signal type. This makes Bazille a sibling of ACE, but it caters for a digital synthesis paradigm rather than for subtractive (virtual analogue) synthesis.

Bazille features

  • Hybrid modular system: digital oscillators, analogue filters – amazing SFX capabilities.
  • 4 oscillators with simultaneous FM, PD (phase distortion) and FR (fractal resonance).
  • 4 multimode analogue type filters, 2 of which have 6 parallel outputs.
  • 2 modulation maps, lag processors, quantizer, inverters, rectifiers, sample&hold.
  • Morphing sequencer: 8 slots of 16 steps each (splittable into 4, 8 or 12-step units).
  • U-he’s exemplary customer support, all regular (.x) updates are free of charge.

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More information: u-he / Bazille