u-he has announced a public beta of the VST3 version of Podolski, a free synthesizer instrument.

u-he Podolski VST3 beta

After having re-written the VST3 code, but before rolling it out for all of our plug-ins, we want to make sure that everything is working properly. Podolski is our guinea pig test case. Please try it out and let us know how the update works for you.

If VST3 is not for you, you can still play with the new sounds in Podolski’s preset library. The Unshushable Coktor (TUC), or as we call him around the office: Viktor, contributed 100 new presets. TUC Toys was designed as a bread-and-butter collection, offering great starting points for your own sound design and experimentation.

If you have not used Podolski before, you are missing out on a terrific sounding, straightforward and CPU-efficient synth. Why not give it a try, and send us any feedback about the update.

The new beta version of Podolski is available for download for Windows and Mac at the u-he forum.

u-he has also announced a public beta version 1.1.1 of Presswerk, the dynamics processor effect plugin.

u-he Presswerk 1.1.1 beta

Presswerk 1.1.1 is available as a public beta for Mac OS X and Windows. The update addresses a few outstanding bugs and adds some new features.

This beta test also addresses a recently discovered cross-platform incompatibility issue for the Windows VST2 version of Presswerk. We posted information outlining the problem, our solution and various options for handling the problem on our forum.

Changes in Presswerk v1.1.1 public beta

  • Re-written VST3 support, including sidechaining.
  • Improved default skin to prevent accidental editing of linked channels (‘Original Plus’ skin removed).
  • Scrollbars added to preset browser description window.
  • Fixes cross-platform incompatibility issue for Windows VST2.
  • Fixes locked states not updating correctly in MS View.
  • Fixes inaccurate parameter values shown in GUI.
  • Fixes clicks in DPR mode.
  • And various other bug fixes.

The beta of Presswerk is available for download at the u-he forum. Feedback regarding the update is appreciated.

Furthermore, u-he has announced it will be at the upcoming Superbooth16 exhibition taking place from March 31st until April 2nd at the Funkhaus in Berlin.

Superbooth16 u-he

Next week we are off to modular heaven—Superbooth16 in Berlin. We are looking forward to meeting old friends and fellow synth geeks, as well as showing off what we have been up to recently. For instance, RePro Alpha will be making its first public appearance. So, come upstairs and visit us at booth BS700 any time during the show. Or attend the following special events:

  • Thursday at noon, Urs and Sascha will talk about our recent research into filter design and physical modeling. For a bit of extra entertainment, we assembled a live band of u-he staff to perform a song or two using the prototypes. Event info
  • Thursday from 17:00–19:00 there will be a u-he workshop where we will demonstrate our plug-ins, give some sound design tips and techniques and answer your questions. Event info
  • Every day at 12:00 noon (except Thursday) and 17:00 we will demonstrate our physical modeling project. Your chance to get up close and see the early stages of product development.
    Hope to see you there.

Lastly, u-he has announced it has partnered with fellow Berlin software developers Bitwig for a special offer.

u-he Bitwig promo

From March 23 until April 4, 2016, u-he customers can receive a discount of $50 / €50 off Bitwig Studio Standard download from the Bitwig web shop (Note: the discount does not apply to Producer Pack Bundle, NFR or EDU licenses).

To claim your discount, log in to your u-he.com account and look for the big grey box with your code. (Note: Soundsets, transfer tokens and merchandise are not eligible for this promotion).

If you do not own any u-he software (yet), you are still eligible for the Bitwig discount. Just purchase any u-he plug-in during the promotion period.

Bitwig is also offering a copy of Presswerk, Satin or Hive with every purchase and registration of a Bitwig Studio license (Standard or upgrade from 8-Track) between March 23 and April 4, 2016.

More information: u-he