Urs Heckmann of u-he has made some announcements for the upcoming Musikmesse 2013, April 10-13th.

u-he Musikmesse 2013

A beautiful render of the Bazille modular synthesizer plug-in.

  • we’ll showcase Bazille 1.0 (to be released in June/July)
  • we’ll showcase Satin (tape machine emulation, due in May)
  • we might showcase Presswerk, a massive compressor (ui pending)
  • we’ll have a Digital oscillator module for Diva
  • we’ll have a new “Uhbie” filter module for Diva and ZebraHZ
  • we’ll have a sequencer/arpeggiator combo for Diva (all coming in June)
  • we’ll have Caffè corretto to pick you up

And also, wish us luck for Diva’s second nomination for the MIPA award. It took Zebra twice to get it, so we’re in good spirits.

More information: u-he / u-he forum