KVR user dmbaer has announced Philharmonic for DIVA, a free collection of 66 patches for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer by u-he.

U-he Philharmonic for DIVA is a collection of presets taken from Fred Welsh’s book Welsh’s Synthesizer Cookbook. If you’re familiar with that book, you’ll understand exactly what this is all about. If not, and if you’re a dedicated subtractive synthesis practitioner, you owe it to yourself to get a copy.

The Synthesizer Cookbook includes around 100 “recipes” for a two oscillator synth. It assumes just one LFO is available and specifies nothing about additional modulation beyond that. It contains settings to create imitation sounds for a variety of real-world orchestral instruments, plus it has a collection of synth pads, leads and basses.

I’ve included 66 presets here, mostly omitting the untuned percussion recipes which hold little interest for me. These should be considered to be “starter” presets. They incorporate no effects and there are no mod-wheel or similar external modulation settings other than all of the presets offer conventional velocity sensitivity mapped to amp level.

The soundset is a free download at the u-he Patch Library.

More information: u-he